Youth Leadership America

Youth Leadership America (YLA) is an established 501(c)(3), student-run, non-profit leadership organization that is dedicated to developing student's interpersonal and networking skills in order to cultivate the next generation of servant leaders. Throughout the past 15 years, we have been connecting high school students with civic, business, and community leaders. We aim to provide students the necessary tools and environment where they can constantly refine their leadership skills to allow them to have a clear vision of their future.


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"I Can Help"
with Kim Karr

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CIP Showcase

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Kim Karr

Kim Karr spent 13 years as a middle school teacher prior to dedicating her talents to #ICANHELP on a full-time basis. Since that time, #ICANHELP has spoken to more than 350,000 students in the United States and Canada. Kim has inspired thousands of people to join the #ICANHELP movement to choose a more positive life both on and offline. Her enthusiasm for life is irresistible and infectious for both students and adults.