Youth Board Directors

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Rushil Shah, Youth Board President

Hello! My name is Rushil Shah and I am a junior at Canyon High and my favorite activity to do is to play sports with my friends. Learning, Implementing, Repeating is the success to Youth Leadership America. YLA provides an environment where age is not a factor in making an impact in your community. As a freshman and sophomore, this program has given me the confidence to be a leader without wasting time.

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Vanessa Tsui, Youth Board Vice President

Hello Everyone! My name is Vanessa Tsui and I am a junior at Cypress High School. Before YLA, I was terrified to talk to people that I have never met before even though I was an extrovert. YLA has given me the skills to become comfortable when talking with people I don’t know. A fun fact about me is that I am five feet tall!

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Audrey Nguyen, Youth Board Secretary

Hello, my name is Audrey Nguyen, and I am a junior at Troy High School. YLA has given me the chance to be comfortable with public speaking, along with making new friends from all corners of Orange County. I play the flute in marching band which has been one of my main passions for over 8 years. I also love math and science while involved in multiple clubs such as STEMUp4Youth, Robotics, , and Junior State of America.

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Tiffaney Yang, Youth Board Treasurer

It’s me, Tiffaney, you’re favorite board member that happens to be a senior at Brea Olinda High School. YLA has shown me that even without prior leadership experience, a group of students has all the capability in the world to make a life-changing difference. You can bribe me with good food or concert tickets. Note: I'm always down for carpool karaoke, show-binging, shameless online shopping, and traveling the world.

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Jennifer Cuahutencos, Youth Board Director

Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer Cuahutencos and I am a senior at Oxford Academy. Through YLA, I was given the opportunity to gain confidence in being a servant leader and public speaking. I like to spend my time with my family, doing art such as watercoloring, playing sports, and hanging out with friends.

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Elizabeth Ochei, Youth Board Director

Hey friends! My name is Elizabeth Ochei and I am a junior at John F. Kennedy High School. YLA has given me the tools to create a platform that inspires real change in my community. I am an avid Chick Fil A customer with a red status membership. I also have been on one of the Time Square screens.

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Gilberto Gaytan, Youth Board Director

Hey my name is Gilberto Gaytan and I am a junior at Esperanza High School. YLA has impacted my life,changing me in so many ways it has made more confident and really has taught me how to make an impact. I enjoy arts of all kind, drawing, painting, musical, etc. I also really enjoy traveling, and there hasn’t been one summer where I haven’t gone out for a vacation.

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Ashley Herrera, Youth Board Director

Hello! My name is Ashley Herrera and I am a senior at Los Alamitos High School. Because of YLA, I have become a confident person who is not afraid to speak in front of the public. I enjoy playing sports, hanging with friends, spending time with family, and going to the beach. My favorite activity is traveling; I want to visit every country in Europe before I am 50.

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Clarie Chow, Youth Board Director

Hi everyone! My name is Clarie Chow, and I am a senior at Claremont High School. As an associate for YLA, I felt that I finally had to opportunity to take initiative in the community as a leader. I am your everyday Netflix binger, so feel free to come up to me if you need recommendations. I am a self titled foodie, and you can find me on instagram if you need some food porn.

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Carrie Cheng, Youth Board Director

Hey everyone! My name is Carrie Cheng, and I am a junior at Sunny Hills High School. My experience in YLA, both as an associate and board member, allowed me to meet new leaders and learn new skill sets, resulting in my strengthened maturity and confidence. I am a passionate artist that's been in the field for about 12 years and a place in my heart goes out to Japanese food. I am a softie for sushi and matcha green tea. :)

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Melissa Ramos, Youth Board Director

Hi everyone! My name is Melissa Ramos and I am a senior at Villa Park High School. YLA has helped me grow as a person and inspired me to create change in my community. I enjoy exploring restaurants and places that I've never been to. I also enjoy running track for my school.

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Oge Okpala, Youth Board Director

Hello! My name is Oge Okpala and I am a senior at Sunny Hills High School. YLA has allowed me to develop closer relationships with the people in my community. During my free time, I enjoy playing volleyball, taking long naps, and spending time with friends.

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Armaan Chopra, Youth Board Director

Hello everyone! My name is Armaan Chopra and I am a junior at Villa Park High School. I have been apart of YLA in the Summer Program of 2018 and the 2018-19 Fall Program, and through my time in YLA I have become more comfortable approaching people, networking, and public speaking. I enjoy playing basketball and tennis with my friends. I also enjoy being on a FIRST Robotics Team and a Science Olympiad Team.

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Philix Lin, Youth Board Director

Hey everyone! My name is Philix Lin and I am a junior at Diamond Bar High School. YLA has given me a chance to exercise my networking skills. A simple description of myself is that I am a Big asian baller that likes boba. :)

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Alberto Barajas, Youth Board Director

Hey everybody! My name is Alberto Barajas and I am a senior at Oxford Academy. YLA has given me a platform to ascend myself into a level that I never thought I would be capable of reaching. It has cultivated my networking skills and through my endeavors I have been able to apply it into my community allowing me to become a leader in my own right.

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Jonathan Soliman, Youth Board Director

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Aidan Visher, Youth Board Director