YLA Fall Program Events

Kickoff Night

The YLA curriculum begins with a number of engaging student and parent workshops. The premise of this event is to formally welcome the new YLA community to the culture that is built through this program. Considering the fact that the program serves 30+ schools throughout the LA/OC area, associates begin their YLA journey participating in fun icebreakers to connect and bond with their peers, and parent workshops inform our parent community of what the program is all about.

Business Etiquette (feat. Elaine Swann & Anna May Pacquing)

YLA would formally like to thank both Elaine Swann, an accredited lifestyle etiquette expert, and Anna May Pacquing, a Nordstrom fashion department employee, for facilitating this YLA workshop and teaching our associates the fundamentals of proper business etiquette, from shaking a person’s hand, appropriate business dress, and

Character Strong (feat. Houston Kraft)

One of the highlight events of the YLA curriculum is Character Strong, led by Houston Kraft, which is a kindness workshop in which Kraft conducts a number of interactive activities that teach our associates some basic virtues on maintaining a positive outlook, making someone’s day, and being compassionate and kind through storytelling, experiences, and hands-on activities.

Public Speaking (feat. La Palma Toastmasters)

Regardless of the career in which an individual pursues, YLA strongly believes that the skill of public speaking is so vital in any field. We would like to thank the La Palma Toastmasters for leading this public speaking workshop and teaching our associates the basics of public speaking, when it comes to avoiding nerves, maintaining confidence, and speaking with power and emotion.

#icanhelp (feat. Kim Karr)

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Mentor Rotation

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Entrepreneurship Night

Entrepreneurship Night connects YLA’s associates with some of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Orange County. We are very privileged to have our guest entrepreneurs, Raul Porto, CEO of Porto’s Bakery & Cafe, and Sheri Fink, best-selling children’s book author, to share their stories about how they were able to thrive and prosper in an entrepreneurial setting.

YLA Summer Program Events