Kanu Grover, Youth Board President

Hello! My name is Kanu Grover, and I'm a Senior at Oxford Academy. I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and playing basketball with my friends. I have been a part of YLA ever since my Junior year and have been able to develop myself as a more confident student leader. Throughout my associate year, I have had the opportunity to take part in mutliple events, some of which have allowed me to become a more effective speaker and developed my networking skill. 

Jenny Yoo, Youth Board Vice President

Hello everyone! My name is Jenny Yoo and I am a senior at Buena Park High School. Some of the things I love doing are meeting new people and trying new things! YLA has allowed me to grow as a person through connecting with different student leaders in the community. This program has given me the oppertunity to truly evaluate what servant membership is.

Stacey Nguyen, Youth Board Vice President

Hello! My name is Stacey Nguyen and I am currently a sophomore at Oxford Academy. I grew up in Anaheim and at a young age, I noticed that the world was plagued with problems ranging from poverty to the lack of opportunity. I wanted to change that but without the right resources and skills, I wasn't a leader, just a follower. However, through YLA, I was able to learn that confidence is the key to success. By being in the program, I was exposed to the definition of what it means to be a leader; having the desire to inspire while also allowing yourself to be inspired. But inspiring others takes more than just actions and words, it's about believing in your cause and what you stand for. YLA has showed me that my voice can change the world and it all starts with believing in myself and having confidence.

Elsa Mai, Youth Board Vice President

Hi! My name is Elsa Mai, and I’m senior at Oxford Academy. My favorite thing in the entire world is performing because I love sharing my voice. Youth Leadership America empowers students to share and utilize their voices to their highest potential within the community. Through YLA, I learned how to use my voice and actions to create both real, lasting change in others’ lives, and small change in showing others how much I care.

Elizabeth Ochei, Youth Board Vice President

Hey friends! My name is Elizabeth Ochei and I am a sophomore at John F. Kennedy High School. I love dancing like “everybody” is watching. YLA has given me the opportunity to grow not only as a person but as a leader that constantly makes positive impacts on my life that I never want to take for granted.

Carlos Alejo, Youth Board Vice President

Hey my name’s Carlos Alejo, I’m 16 and I’m a Junior at Anaheim High School, I love to play sports and play the drums. In my free time, you can find me watching Netflix, doing homework or playing an instrument enjoying life to the fullest. I was a part of the YLA summer program and fell in love with it because it was a great experience to be around so many other individuals who were also passionate about making a difference.

Brandon Tabata, Youth Board Secretary

Hello! My name is Brandon Tabata I am a Junior at Troy Highschool. In my free time I enjoy playing the trombone and meeting new people. YLA is my third leadership program I have been blessed to be part of throughout my highschool career and it has been the most impactful of them all. I hope this year we can provide you the leadership knowledge and practicality to help you succeed in your future endeavors. "Leaders are made, not born." -Vince Lombardi

Tiffany Yang, Youth Board Treasurer

Hey! It’s me, Tiffaney, you’re favorite board member that happens to be a junior at Brea Olinda High School. Being a part of YLA, I have grown from an insecure girl to one distinguishably more confident with being the servant leader I knew I could be. I may not be perfect, but I owe a lot of my progress to the opportunities YLA gave me through networking, mentors and leaders, and a place to exercise my passions, such as the important art of jamming out to sick bops. In other words, YLA has shown me that even without prior leadership experience, a group of students has all the capability in the world to make a life-changing difference.

Joshua Barragan, Youth Board Director

Hey my name is Joshua Barragan, I'm a Junior at Oxford Academy, and I really enjoy spending time with my close friends and family, whether it be sports or just hanging out. The ability to grow your ideas through collaboration with multiple peers is a fundamental piece of YLA. This was something that I really enjoyed in YLA when I started my first year, as the Community Impact Projects definitely improved my ability to create better ideas. YLA truly is a program that hones in on your social relationship and interpersonal skills, and from what I’ve seen it will develop a set of relationships unlike any others. I’m a Sophomore, going into Junior Year, that’s been in YLA for only one year, was in the Florence group Community Impact Project, winning second place. I am currently a YBD in the Fundraising and Business Relationships/Management Group.

Jacob Vitug, Youth Board Director

Hi! I’m Jacob Vitug, and I’m currently a senior at Oxford Academy. Some of my main interests lie in both music and photo/video editing. I love singing and making videos, and I’ve currently been working towards integrating these skills into the YLA program to benefit our future leaders. However, I took the path to become a Youth Board Director because I have always been a big believer in the idea of collaboration, and that the power of the group surpasses that of the individual. As an active member of this organization, I felt that I could help make the most significant impact throughout our community along with the efforts of my fellow board members.

Dayton Ly, Youth Board Director

Hey guys, my name is Dayton Ly and I am a senior at John F. Kennedy High School. I truly enjoy spending with my friends and cooking. I have been a part of YLA since my Junior Year and it has opened up many new and exciting opportunities to me. YLA has given me the opportunity to meet leaders in my community and to be able to talk to them has allowed me to grow as a leader in my community.

Ritvik Kandarkar, Youth Board Director

Wassup! My name is Ritvik Kandarkar and I currently am a junior at Whitney High School. I love playing basketball, going to key club events, and the environment. YLA is able to give me a platform where I can make an impact on my community and learn how to become a better leader.

Alina Choi, Youth Board Director

Hey! My name is Alina Choi and I am a junior at Troy High School. I'm passionate about reading and various social rights, and at my school, I am involved with the student newspaper, GirlUp, and many other organizations. I've been inspired to serve and better my communities, and in the future, I would like to continue to do so. I think YLA is a great platform to grow as a leader and to put forth new ideas to make positive changes as well. 

Rushil Shah, Youth Board Director

Hello! My name is Rushil Shah and I am a Sophmore at Canyon High and my favorite activity to do is to play sports with my friends. Learning, Implementing, Repeating is the success to Youth Leadership America. YLA provides an environment where age is not a factor in making an impact in your community. As a freshman and sophomore, this program has given me the confidence to be a leader without wasting time.