Ruben SanchezYouth Board President

Hello! My name is Ruben Sanchez, and I'm a Senior at Oxford Academy. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, hanging out with friends, and most of all, spending time with my family. I have been a part of YLA since my Sophomore year, and to be honest, I can't imagine a life without it! From the long-lasting bonds to the flourishing leadership qualities, I can wholeheartedly say that YLA has attributed to the young-adult I am today. I am more confident when it comes to public speaking, resume building, interviews, and even, interpersonal communication. All in all, I encourage you all to be a part of this life-changing program. Whether you feel confident in your leadership qualities or not, YLA will truly put you the test to not only learn new lessons, but apply what you've learned through the various opportunities. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me a message via email at I'll be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Sammy Mohammed, Youth Board VICE President

Hello! My name is Sammy Mohammed, YLA's Vice President and a senior at Oxford Academy! I really enjoy YLA because of how it allows high school students opportunities to hone their leadership skills. Student leadership is something that really means a lot to me, and having the opportunity to demonstrate it in YLA as well as my school's newspaper is something I'm grateful for. I'm a passionate high school student who hopes to make this YLA year better than ever. Contact me at

Tanmay Singhal, Youth Board Treasurer

Hello everyone! My name is Tanmay Singhal, and I love talking to new people and watching them blossom into successful leaders. I have had the opportunity to go through the YLA program and have learned essential leadership skills along with more about myself through the experience. I am an upbeat and self-motivated team player, and with this, I hope I can make a positive impact on this year's YLA program. Feel free to contact me via email at

Lisa Tang, Youth Board Secretary, 11th Grade

Hello everyone! My name is Lisa Tang and I am currently a junior at Oxford Academy. In my free time, I enjoy baking and running, but am open to trying new things. I love talking to new people and I am looking forward to making friends with all of the new associates this year. Together with the youth board and our advisers, I strive to make this year memorable for all of you. With that being said, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at

Alexis Xa, Youth Board Sponsorships Chair, 12th Grade

Hi! My name is Alexis Xa, and I will be an upcoming senior at Oxford Academy. Some of my favorite things in the world are ASB, pasta, and making friends! I’ve been a part of YLA since the beginning of my sophomore year. YLA has truly helped me develop into a better leader, as well as helped me realize my passion for business as well as leadership. It’s taught me a variety of skills that I know I wouldn’t be able to learn elsewhere and opened my network extensively. I'm incredibly excited for the year to come, and to make a difference in my community with a group of amazing student leaders! No matter what grade you are in or how much leadership experience you have, I highly encourage you to apply to this program. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to contact me at

Anthony Hoang, Youth Board Director

Hello, my name is Anthony Hoang and I am a senior at Oxford Academy. I am proud to be part of this student-led, leadership organization, and I can’t wait to work with the associates as a Youth Board Director for Orange County YLA. In the future, I plan on pursuing a career in the medical field, a job that will give me an opportunity to interact with people as well as help them. The reason why I want to take this path is to provide free healthcare services for my friends, families, and those with low income. Currently, I am fascinated by the human brain, and I am leaning towards the field of neurology and psychology. Additionally, there are many people in my life that has inspired me to become the person that I am today, an individual who values leadership, love, and kindness. Jonathan Paek, YLA president of 2015-2016, has taught me that exposure to humility and discomfort will condition you into a confident person, driven by passion and leadership. Seeing myself as a shy leader at first, constant experiences that led to embarrassment has allowed me to become a much more assertive leader. After all, a leader to me is someone who is responsible and able to facilitate their team even when they, themselves, are put in an uncomfortable situation. Also, I highly value my families and friends; I would take a bullet for any of them. Some extracurricular activities that I am currently involved in include HOSA, COPE internship, and swim. One thing interesting (or not really) about me is that I really love people and I love the idea of promoting love. Here’s my favorite motto that I live by: If you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own – Noah and the Whale. Reach out to me at

Tricia Domalanta, Youth Board Director

Hey hello! My name is Tricia Domalanta, and I am your YBD for the 17-18 year! I have been in YLA for 3 years, and there is nothing more I love than to be able to give back to an organization that gives so much. I have grown through multiple leadership positions on my school campus (Dance Club, Art Club, ASB Senate, etc.), but YLA has truly helped me to blossom both as a leader and as a person. I am blessed with the opportunity to now support, inspire, and serve as a YBD. I am open-minded, akin to the smallest things, friendly, and deeply motivated to ensure YLA is as impactful of an experience to you as it was (and continues to be) for me. Nice to meet you and always feel free to contact me at via email!

Nicholas Abarca, Youth Board Director

Hi guys! my name is Nicholas, and one of the things that I love to do most is make people laugh and have a good time. Whether that be through trying to tell jokes or breaking the tension/awkwardness, my ultimate goal as a YBD is to ensure all associates are engaged and fully active in event activities and discussions. I feel that my dedication and commitment to YLA will definitely help to me to create an environment that's is engaging yet enjoyable. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Christina Nguyen, Youth Board Director

Hello! My name is Christina Nguyen, and I love helping others and long walks on the beach! I am serving as one of the many Youth Board Directors this year. One of my greatest passions include cultivating an urge in others to ignite a change in the community whilst gaining leadership qualities which I have gotten to know firsthand through YLA. As a student athlete, an avid volunteer, and a hardworking individual, I can assure and put 100% effort to help make this program impactful! I'm avaibile to contact via!

Vivian bui, Youth Board Director

Hello everyone! My name is Vivian Bui, and I'm an upcoming senior at Oxford Academy. Inspired by the guidance of past Youth Board Directors and invigorated with the passion to serve my community, I am excited to spend my third and final year in this program as a Youth Board Director. Although I wasn’t the most outgoing, I definitely fell in love with YLA as a sophomore. From getting out of my comfort zone during discussions to taking on more responsibilities during CSP's, I learned a lot about myself through the program. More importantly, I learned a lot about leadership. Serving as a Youth Board Director would give me a change to influence change not only within Youth Leadership America’s fall program but also within others, in order to give back to a community that gave me the tools to be a successful individual. Leaders make leaders, and I want to be that someone who inspires change in others. Outside of YLA, I serve as Lieutenant Governor of Division 30 South Key Clubs and participate in other activities such as HOSA, Make-A-Wish Club, etc. Throughout my high school career, these activities show my intense passion for serving our community; but amidst a hectic senior year, I will always remember that one of my biggest priorities is to make an impact on the YLA Program. With that, don't hesitate to contact me at via email!