Staff Application

Hello all! Many of you have expressed interest in applying for a YLA Staff position; YLA has interest in you as well! Please look over the requirements for Staff and follow the given instructions to complete your application. 

Staff Requirements

  • Applicants must be returning high school students.
  • Applicants must be eligible to graduate or have already graduated their Associate year.
  • Applicants must complete this application no later than Monday, March 6th, 2017. 

Responsibilities of Staff

  • YLA Staff work primarily behind the scenes to secure sponsorships and create connections with YLA and the community.
  • Staff also works alongside Fundraising Chair and Treasurer in order to execute fundraisers. 
  • You are expected to attend meetings held by the Vice President tentatively scheduled for around 4:30-6:00 PM on the day of Youth Board Meetings (Wednesdays during Spring and Summer, Mondays during Fall and Winter); every 2 weeks. On weeks when you will not be meeting in person, you are expected to meet online and check in via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Specific Staff Roles

  • Photographer (Requirements: At least 1 yr. of experience with photography) - Camera must be at least DSLR
    • Takes pictures at every event and posts them on Facebook the following night. 
    • Works with Board to create an interactive media platform for community engagement
    • Time commitment: 3-4 hours / week
  • Sponsorship Coordinator (Requirements: Proficiency in Excel and Word) - Must be a "people-person"
    • Fundraising opportunities
    • Sponsorship solicitation
    • Donation solicitation
    • Throughout the year, the sponsorship coordinator works alongside the YLA Treasurer to pitch YLA to local organizations for funding directly for the YLA program
    • Time commitment: 3-5 hours / week

Name *
Give your day to day schedule.
Give your day to day schedule
Are you proficient or skilled in any of the following? *
If yes, be prepared to present a portfolio of your work.
If a returning YBD or Staff, what did you contribute to Board/Staff?
If you haven't, please describe how you would plan and execute a fundraiser for YLA.
Hint: Make sure to include why YLA would need the money and how the sponsor would be able to benefit as well!
Are you interested in becoming the YLA Photographer? *
If marked yes, please email Gina Le ( with your camera information and a portfolio of your work. Photos must be of people and in multiple lightings.
Use the time spent commuting to events on Wednesdays or to John's Office (550 West Orangethorpe Avenue, Placentia) during rush hour.