YLA Fall Program Event Overview

Business Etiquette (feat. Elaine Swann & Anna May Pacquing)

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YLA would like to thank guests, Elaine Swann and Anna May Pacquing, for facilitating the Business Etiquette workshop and teaching YLA associates the significance of professionalism in the workplace when it comes to business dress, shaking a person’s hand, and connecting with others.

Character Strong (feat. Houston Kraft)


Houston Kraft, speaker and kindness advocate, led Character Strong, which is an interactive workshop in which YLA associates participated in fun group activities that enlighten the virtues of being kind, with an emphasis on loving others and oneself.

Public Speaking (feat. La Palma Toastmasters)


YLA is very honored to have the La Palma Toastmasters, a chapter of the acclaimed Toastmasters International, which strives to develop public speaking and communication skills. Associates had the opportunity to develop speeches where they could share their own story on what in their life motivated them to pursue their ‘dream job.’

#icanhelp (feat. Kim Karr)

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Kim Karr’s #ICANHELP initiative aims to expose students to the growing issue of cyberbullying in our community. Associates explored an in-depth perspective on the issue, and learned about some of the things they can do to help solve the issue and say #IDIDHELP.

Mentor Rotation


YLA’s Mentor Rotation aims to provide associates with access to industry experts in a number of diverse career fields to help enlighten the path for associates as they prepare themselves for success throughout college and career.

Entrepreneurship Night


YLA would like to recognize Sheri Fink & Raul Porto for being the keynote entrepreneurs at Entrepreneurship Night. At this event, both entrepreneurs shared their stories and struggles along the path to leading a successful career. Through Mr. Porto’s delicious potato balls and Ms. Fink’s engaging stories, associates learned a lot about what it takes to become an entrepreneur.