YLA President's Message 2018-2019

Hello everyone, my name is Kanu Grover and I would like to formally welcome you to Youth Leadership America! Our organization has been striving to serve students from all around Orange County through service-oriented leadership. For the past 16 years, we have provided students the opportunities to apply their knowledge throughout their communities and make an impact.  


YLA is truly distinctive from other clubs and organizations as we are a peer-to-peer organization, where students are not restricted in a school structure, but have the freedom to explore their passions in the community. Our inclusiveness and diverse student representation allow us to grow as an organization through continually serving those around us.

So if you’re struggling to find yourself amongst all the high school confusion, join a chapter! Leadership is not a position, but a disposition to serve those around you. Begin your journey with YLA today!

Kanu Grover (Youth Board President 2018-2019)
"Leaders are made, not born." -Vince Lombardi