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  • Hello and welcome to the San Diego chapter of Youth Leadership America! We are made up of a group of talented and committed students focusing on empowering the youth with professional and interpersonal skills.

  • As one of the new chapters of YLA, San Diego YLA is focusing on creating a groundbreaking program for the high school students in the area, exposing them to what the community has to offer. Our upcoming Spring program consists of 10-weeks which are hosted at San Diego's Simcenter every Tuesday. If accepted, you must pay a fee of $40. If you are unable to pay this amount, please don't hesitate to let us know in the application. 

From the Youth Board: 

  • We aim to proactively inspire other high school students like ourselves to take initiative in making an impact 

  • We wish to encourage the youth of San Diego to think creatively, be aware of, and solve community problems

  • We commit to encourage enthusiastic individuals to work together 

  • Through our educational and collaborative workshops, we hope to instill a passion for leadership and to empower others to communicate this passion to their peers


Updated San Diego Program Dates:

1st Session: Tuesday, February 2nd 6-8pm

Authenticity and Purpose

2nd Session: Monday, February 9th 6-8pm

Working Under Pressure

3rd Session: Tuesday, February 16th 6-8pm


4th Session: Tuesday, February 23rd 6-8pm

Resumes and Interviews

Bonding Event: Date TBD

5th Session: Tuesday, March 1st 6-8pm


6th Session: Tuesday, March 8th 6-8pm


7th Session: Tuesday, March 15th 6-8pm

Fail Early, Fail Often

8th Session: Tuesday, March 22nd 6-8pm

Diversity Night

9th Session: Tuesday, March 29th 6-8pm

Public Speaking

10th Session: Tuesday, April 5 6-8pm

Different Types of People


Find out about our SDYLA board members for the Spring Program. Feel free to reach out to any one of us with any questions or concerns.


The application period for our 2015 Spring Leadership Program is officially closed.

Check below for frequent updates on upcoming events.


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