"Youth Leadership America empowers the next generation of servant leaders."


Mission Statement: Youth Leadership America aims to develop youth leaders through collaboration and mentorships with community/business leaders for the collective benefit of the students and their communities.


We are an established non-profit organization that is dedicated towards developing student leadership and interpersonal skills in young adults throughout the community. During the year, we hold a Summer and Fall Program, both of which are designed to provide students the learning environment they need to be successful leaders. Whether it be connecting associates with community leaders or allowing them to execute different service projects, our organization aims to constantly allow peer-to-peer interactions to stress the value of teamwork.

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At the conclusion of the Fall Program, 20 Youth Board Directors are selected to represent Youth Leadership America and design the program for the following year. These individuals meet weekly with advisers and alumni to plan future events and work the technical aspects of the organization to ensure its future success. Through a product of hardwork and collaboration, the Youth Board are given the opportunity to shine in their communities through creating a reputation for the program.



Since 2003, YLA has been serving communities and has had a magnitude of success within each graduating class. Many former associates have been delighted with their experience, and many join our powerful network of YLA alumni to constantly expand upon our organization's success.